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Fundraising while removing paper, IT and electronics from the landfill is a win, win. With our programs you can accomplish both. It’s easy, fun and sustainable!

Below you will find a brief description of our programs and pricing.

#SR4G Mobile Drive Thru Event

Container Collection Program

Host #SR4G Containers at your location.

Charge a small fee for your members/employees/community to bring their confidential papers to fill your Containers.

Once they are full, simply call us, our Shred Right Truck schedules a pick-up tip, and we will securely shred all the documents in the container.

Continue to fill your Containers, while your organization retains the donations collected for providing secure shredding!

Securely shred with one of our
Container Collection Program Partners

Below you will find the #ShredRight4Good paper shredding partner sites that serve as drop off locations for secure shredding. When you bring your shredding to their location, the donation fee you pay helps support their mission! Click here to read about their causes, drop off hours and special offers!

#SR4G Added Value

Are you looking for assistance with IT destruction services or E-Recycling?

We’re here to help! Contact us to discuss your needs and explore the options available to you.

Partner Experience with #SR4G

If you have a question, are ready to book an event or program with us, or can’t find what you are looking for …

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