Fast Fashion

What is fast fashion?

According to Oxford Dictionary, fast fashion is inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends

Everyone wants to be trendy

Is your shopping addiction actually harming the planet?

Over-consumerism is not a victimless act.

Article on fast fashion and its negative impact on the environment (above).


Is it worth it?

From this article^

  1. The world produces 92 million tons of textile waste each year, only 1% of that gets recycled into new garments.
  2. China (20M tons) and the US (17M tons) produce the most waste.
  3. Clothing and textiles currently make up at least 7% of the total amount of waste in global landfill space.
  4. Between 80 and 100 billion new clothing garments are produced globally every year.
  5. 87% of the materials and fibers used to make clothing will end up in either incinerators or landfills.
  6. Only 20% of discarded textiles are collected.
  7. Out of the 17 MILLION tons of textile waste that the United States produces every year, 66% of it is thrown in landfills. 

Ways to help

  • Shop at small businesses
  • Look for products that come from sustainable

Sources or that include a sustainable label

  • Thrift Shop
  • Try to upcycle your own clothes that you haven’t worn in a while

How one Minneapolis Upcycler is changing sustainable fashion. (here)

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