Nestled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Overbite is not your average video production company. Since its inception in 2022, Overbite has carved out a niche for itself by blending the talents of filmmakers, photographers, and multidisciplinary artists into a seamless collaborative force.

What sets Overbite apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and creativity. Every project undertaken by the company is infused with a sense of purpose, aiming to inspire and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Whether it’s a commercial, documentary, short film, or photography project, Overbite pours its heart and soul into crafting narratives that resonate.

But Overbite’s mission extends beyond mere commercial success. The company strives to use the power of storytelling to spark dialogue, provoke thought, and inspire positive change. By amplifying voices that deserve to be heard, Overbite aims to make a lasting impact on both its audience and the world at large.

In essence, Overbite is more than just a production company – it’s a beacon of creativity, authenticity, and social responsibility. As they continue to push the boundaries of storytelling, one thing remains clear: with Overbite, the possibilities are endless.

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